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Bowling Delights Ornaments

Collectors edition Bowling Delights ornaments for bowlers.

Bowling Bear Ornament

High quality hand painted resin bear with bowling ball and 5 pins. 3 of the pins are on coils so they giggle around. He's ready to make a strike so add him to your ornaments collection. 4" x 5"

Lefty Santa Bowling Ornament

Lefty Santa Bowling Ornament - This left handed Santa is bowling up a storm with his shiny gold bowling ball. Its his time to relax so cheer him on! Made of hard plastic Santa stands 5" tall.

Sparkling Pin & Ball Ornament

This "sparkling" bowling pin & bowling ball ornament will look great on your tree as it reflects all the festive lights from your tree. Lightweight. 4" x 2"

Bowling Ball & Pins Ornament

BOWLING BALL AND PINS ORNAMENT- This cute hand painted 3" resin ornament has super details! A Beautiful black bowling ball is held in place by 2 single pins.

B-O-W-L Ornament with Bowling Pin Splash

Bowling pins are all spread out behind the word "Bowl". Can be used on a shelf or as an ornament. You can also sit this little sign on top of your computer. Resin. 4 1/2" wide x 1 1/2" tall.

Bowling Santa

Santa's ready to bowl in this 4" ornament. Made of high quality resin.

Angel Ornament

Bowling Angel ornament - 4" resin angel is so adorable.She has her bowling shoes on, her hand in the ball and she's ready to go! Perfect piece to give your "Bowling Buddy" at Christmas or anytime of the year!

Carrot Nose Bowling Pin Snowman Ornament

Resin Bowling Pin snowman ornament with red stocking cap and cute carrot nose. 4" tall

Bowling Pin & Ball Ornament

Made of resin, this is a super ornament to hang on your tree! This piece can be separated by you to make 2 ornaments! Pin is 2 1/2" H. Ball is 1 1/4" round.

Star and Shoe Ornament

This ornament of a ball, pair of shoes with pins and star can be personalized by you for that special someone. Great as a Secret Santa gift, stocking stuffer or just for that special game this ceramic ornament is 4" x 3".

Shoe, Pins and Star Ornament

Shoe, pins and stars make up this cute resin ornament. You can even personalize the star and/ or the shoes. Put a team name and a bowler's name on it. 4" wide x 3" high.

Bowl with Pins Ornament

Bowling pins are all spread out behind the word "Bowl". Can be used on a shelf or as an ornament. You can also sit this little sign on top of your computer. Resin. 4 1/2" wide x 1 1/2" tall.


Christmas Web Design Elements
Includes: Christmas Logos, Web Templates and Stock Photos perfect for small businesses. All for only $ 59.95!


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