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Christmas Tree Trimming

Do you remember when the Christmas season was less of a hassle and more of a joyous time spent with family and friends? Back in the day, families just seemed to have enough time to sit back and enjoy the holiday season. Today, on the other hand, many people get harried, rushed and basically stressed out during the Christmas holiday. There just seems to be no time to enjoy any of life's simple pleasures when there is so much shopping and entertaining to squeeze in during a short period of time.

Take trimming the tree for instance. As a kid, I can remember the whole family gathered around the tree, Christmas music blaring in the background, warm home-baked cookies and cool milk in our tummies, as each of us took a turn to place our most precious and beloved ornaments on the tree. And when we got done trimming our Christmas tree, we loaded up and went to Grandma's and started the whole thing over. It was a time of being together, a time of love, laughter and celebration that the whole family slowed down to enjoy and appreciate.

Now, fast forward… I'm not going to say how many years; that would be too revealing. Let's just say to today. In many households the act of trimming the tree has evolved into more of a hectic holiday task than a chance to enjoy and celebrate the season. I've even heard many moan and groan about having to put up the Christmas tree when they got home from work. If this is the way things are at your house around the holidays, maybe you should think about hosting a tree trimming party to recapture that holiday spirit.

A Christmas tree trimming party can turn what was once viewed as a tedious chore into a joyous holiday gathering with your closest friends and loved ones. All you need is a tree, decorations, a few appetizers and your favorite people.

Here's how you can host a tree trimming party at your home during this Christmas season.

· Invitations. With so many competing functions to attend, even your closest relatives can forget an event if you only invite them informally. By sending out invitations, you can formally invite your closest family and friends and give them the sense that this is something worth attending. Invitations do not have to be expensive. You can pick up simple cookie-cutter invitations at the dollar store or party supply store. You can also print invitations up on your computer.

· Ornaments. Ask each of your guests to bring an inexpensive or homemade ornament to hang on your tree. In years to come, when you unpack these ornaments, you will be reminded of the special people who attended your tree trimming party and the memories that you created.

· Appetizers. While you do not need to plan a lavish banquet to serve your guests, you should serve a wide variety of appetizers which include hot and cold entrees and a little bit of the sweet stuff. If you have family members or friends who are health conscious or follow specific diets, keep them in mind also while you're preparing the menu.

· Setup. Place beverages and appetizers on several tables or counters, in a room separate from the tree, in a way that guests can flow freely around the buffet to choose their favorite munchies. Nobody likes to have to fight or squeeze their way through a tight crowd to refill their drink or get a little something to nibble on. The same thing goes for the "tree trimming room." Place ornaments openly on tables so that guests can move about freely and their special touch to the tree at will. Also make sure that there is plenty of space for guests to mingle and move throughout the house.

As you can see, a tree trimming party can be a great way to get a holiday chore done while enjoying precious time with your family and friends in a casual atmosphere. If you do not want to host a Christmas tree trimming party in your home every year, you can pass the torch on to other family members so that you can trim a tree at a different home each year but still get to spend quality time together.

About the author:
By Adam Lenk For more christmas tips and articles visit http://www.christmasvisions.com


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